Grain-free Apple Cinnamon Pancakes
Grain-Free Apple Cinnamon Protein Pancakes
You won't believe these are grain free! They are so yummy. My favorite way to eat them is stuffed with turkey bacon (or vegan bacon) and peanut butter, but they are also great with maple syrup. I make the whole batch and then freeze them... READ MORE
Sweet potato pudding
Vegan Sweet Potato Chocolate Pudding
Eat this luscious pudding for dessert, if you want, but, frankly, its so healthy you can just do what I do, and eat it for breakfast! I recommend having a whole bunch of baked sweet potatoes handy for when a craving strikes. Preparation5 min.Ready in65... READ MORE
Sweet potato souffle
Sweet Potato Souffle
This souffle makes a great breakfast or snack. Its sweet and creamy but packed with nutrition, fibre and protein. It takes just 12 minutes in the microwave, though you could also bake it in the oven. Preparation10 min.Cooking12 min.Ready in22 min.... READ MORE
Pumpkin Spice Cinnamon Buns
Pumpkin Spice Cinnamon Buns
If baking isn't really your thing, trust me, this recipe is! I cheat and start with a bread mix (I recommend one of Bob's Red Mill mixes, and there are gluten-free ones!), and then I dump it in the breadmaker and press the dough setting.... READ MORE
Smoothie muffins
Double Chocolate Green Monster Smoothie Muffins
I am going to be perfectly honest. I don't love smoothies. I prefer to chew my food. But they are uber popular right now. Nevertheless, they aren't always convenient as they can be messy and difficult to transport. So even if you are a smoothie... READ MORE
Mocha kale smoothie
Chokaleatte Smoothie
Since the simplest way to incorporate konjac in your diet is by adding a scoop to your favorite smoothie, you may wonder why there are few smoothie recipes on this site. Well, for one, there are a zillion smoothie recipes out there and you can... READ MORE
Cauliflower rice pudding
Grain-Free Rice Pudding
What is better comfort food than rice pudding? Whether its for breakfast, a snack or dessert, its always a delicious treat. Unfortunately, traditional recipes also deliver a hefty dose of carbs from white rice, refined sugar, and saturated fat from heavy cream or milk. Not... READ MORE
Fruit punch muffins
Fruit Punch Muffins
Kids adore fruit punch flavour. Unfortunately, it usually comes in the form of juice or candy, and is mostly sugar and very little fruit. Not these delicious muffins! They are packed with real fruit! If you don't have all the fruits I used, you can... READ MORE
Matcha Frappe
Matcha Frappe
Despite packing a wallop of sugar, fat and calories, the frappes from coffee chains are uber popular. But all they do is shrink your wallet and expand your waistline! Instead, make your own versions at home. Its so much cheaper and healthier! Recipes like this... READ MORE
Stuffed Carrot Cake Muffins
Stuffed Frosted Carrot Cake Muffins
Even as a kid, I adored carrot cake and would often choose it over any other kind. I remember finding a recipe for it in my mother's Cuisinart cookbook made with both carrots and pineapple and a luscious cream cheese icing and baking it a... READ MORE
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