She has a Masters in Counselling Psychology and a PhD in Exercise Sciences and has worked as a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor for over 20 years. She is also a counsellor who provides health, weight-loss and infertility support to her clients. Erica is a self-taught cook and baker who has been experimenting in the kitchen since she was 5 years old. She strongly believes that healthy food can be as delicious as it is nutritious. The discovery of konjac powder and shirataki noodles changed the way she cooks and nourishes herself and her family. She wants to share her knowledge with everyone looking to improve their health and their enjoyment of life. Discover the incredible potential of konjac and how it can help you eat the foods you want while looking and feeling your best!
I had heard of low-calorie shirataki noodles (made from Konjac powder), and being a pasta lover who always felt I had to curb my cravings, I was intrigued by idea. I purchased the kind containing tofu and started off making Italian-style pasta recipes, but was unimpressed because of how thin the sauces became, even after I 'dried' the noodles. Later on, I found the shirataki noodles made from pure konjac-powder at a Korean grocery store in our neighbourhood. I used them in a variety of noodle dishes and was instantly smitten. With some experimentation I realized for the best results to a mix a little bit of the Konjac powder with the noodles to make the perfect textured dishes. It seemed too good to be true: delicious noodles that are practically free of calories and carbohydrates? I had to know more about what this konjac was, so I started researching it.
My research led me to discover the many health benefits of Konjac and the varied uses for it in cooking and baking. I purchased konjac powder and began by using it as a thickener for the sauces I was making with the shirataki noodles. I was amazed with the results. The sauces adhered perfectly to the noodles, and this gave me more flexibility for adding various types of liquid ingredients to my recipes. All of a sudden, I was creating noodle dishes with shirataki noodles that I was enjoying more than those using regular noodles. In addition, it made my noodles dishes even more filling and satisfying while still being extremely low in calories and carbohydrates. This is perfect for anyone trying to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight. I then began experimenting with using konjac powder in smoothies and baked goods. The results have been phenomenal! Really, it can be added to almost anything.
I follow nutrition and health research carefully. There is increasing evidence that sugars and poor quality carbohydrates in our diets (from processed, refined and high glycemic foods) are associated with not only obesity and diabetes, but also with heart disease and cancer. I have always enjoyed living a healthy lifestyle and this is just one more thing that I feel keeps me looking and feeling great. Also, I have always had a very big appetite and eaten large portions. Incorporating konjac powder (Link to SHOP- Konjac Powder) and shirataki noodles (Link to SHOP - Shirataki Noodles) into my diet, have allowed me to maintain my ideal weight and keep my body fat low without ever feeling hungry or deprived. Instead, I enjoy delicious meals packed full of nutrition that keep me energized and looking my best.

My husband uses it because he has difficulty controlling his cholesterol and he does not want to take prescription medication. Both of us, and our children eat the noodles, simply because we love them.
In fact, every time I go back to my research, I find new studies showing very impressive findings for konjac, such as being used in the treatment of HIV and inflammatory bowel disease! What will be most beneficial about konjac for most people is that it can help you significantly decrease your calorie and carbohydrate intake without leaving you ever feeling hungry or deprived. At the same time, it can improve your health. This means that, unlike most extreme weightloss strategies that are virtually impossible to maintain long-term and/or can be potentially harmful, using konjac to promote weight loss is something you can easily do long-term, and, I believe, establishing healthy habits for the longterm, are the ones that count.

Everyone knows by now that obesity and associated chronic illnesses are a growing concern in North America, and across the world. The problem is that while our food culture has changed dramatically since the time of our ancient ancestors, our biology hasn't. There is no shortage of high calorie, low nutrition food surrounding us with temptation at all times. We don't have to hunt and gather our food, but our bodies still try to protect us from starvation at all costs. We are biologically programmed to eat when we are hungry and the hungrier we are, the more calories our bodies seek. This is why most diets fail. No one can (or wants to) live in a state of perpetual hunger and deprivation long-term. Believe it or not, you can eat as much as you want and be lean and healthy.

Staying healthy takes consciousness and vigilance but despite what you may think, it doesn't require deprivation! You can eat large portions of nutritious, delicious, satisfying foods without ever feeling hungry. Let me show you how to incorporate konjac, the most amazing food I have ever found, that can help you create fabulous meals, while controlling your appetite and lowering your risk of diabetes and heart disease. Join me in Konjac for Life!