Health Benefits

–    Konjac fibre lowers cholesterol, which can decrease the risk of heart disease.
–    Konjac fibre controls blood sugar and insulin, which can help manage diabetes, prevent the onset of diabetes, assist with weight loss (link to weight loss page), and improve energy levels throughout the day.
–    Konjac has prebiotic properties which can improve intestinal health, and it can prevent constipation and promote healthy bowel function.


The health benefits are incredible.  Experimental studies have also demonstrated that konjac-derived glucommanan can effectively control insulin, blood pressure and cholesterol levels among diabetic patients (Chua et al., 2010).  In addition, konjac gucommanan promotes regular bowel function among both healthy and constipated adults and shows evidence of prebiotic activity in that it increases healthy gut microflora, such as bifidobacteria and lactobacilli, and reduces harmful ones, such as C. Perfringens and Escherichia coli. (Chua; Elamir et al., 2008).  Several reports indicate that a diet high in glucommanan suppresses cancer induction in rodent studies (McCarty, 2002).


A literature review by Tester and Al-Ghazzewi (2013) concluded that konjac  glucommanan, among other things, can increase defaecation frequency, promote the growth of beneficial gut bacteria, inhibit the development of gut pathogens, potentially reduce colorectal cancer risk, increase immune function, prevent dermatological inflammation and irritation and prevent allergic-like symptoms.


Although optimal daily dosage for konjac powder as a supplement has not been formally established, the recommended dosage for weight loss is 1g three times daily, 1 hour before meals while higher doses of 3.6g up to 13g a day have been recommended for managing Type II diabetes, insulin resistance and high cholesterol (Chua et al., 2010).


Fast Facts

–    Konjac is gluten-free, and because it is mostly fibre, it is an insignificant source of carbohydrates and calories.
–    Konjac powder lowers the glycemic index of the foods you eat.
–    Konjac fibre promotes satiety, or feelings of fullness, making it effective at controlling appetite and helping with weight-loss.
–    Konjac powder is one of the most powerful thickeners (absorbs about 10x its weight in water!), giving it great value culinary value and usefulness.  A little goes a long way!
–    Konjac powder is the perfect addition to shirataki noodle recipes.  It allows sauces to adhere to the noodles creating flavourful, mouth-watering dishes.  You will never miss the carbs and calories you are saving!