Low-carb Thai yellow curry noodles
Low-Carb Thai Yellow Curry Noodles
Usually my husband has to eat something for a few minutes before delivering a verdict, but with this dish, the first bite hardly hit his tongue before he told me it was really good. Why get take-out noodles, full of carbs and calories, when you... READ MORE
Italian Hummus Noodles
Italian Hummus Noodles
Personally, I prefer the Asian-style shirataki noodles, made only from konjac flour. But they aren't great for making Italian-styles noodle dishes. The ones with tofu are better for that. But I have not yet been able to make an Italian-style tomato sauce-based dish with shirataki... READ MORE
Malaysian Coconut Curry Noodles
Malaysian Coconut Curry Noodles
I love all Asian cuisines...its hard for me to name a favorite. Luckily, living in downtown Toronto, I have access to just about any exotic ingredient I need to create a recipe. Malaysian curry powder is hot, rich and aromatic. I get it in Kensington... READ MORE
Low-cal, low-carb, gluten-free peanut noodles
Low-Cal, Low-Carb, Peanut Noodles
Order peanut noodles at your favorite Asian restaurant and you are likely to get a huge pile of white rice noodles, and a whole lot of sodium, sugar and calories without much nutrition.  Instead, you can whip up this dish in no time and have... READ MORE
Low fat, low carb Singapore Noodles
Singapore Noodles
This was always one of my favorite dishes to order in Chinese restaurants.  Unfortunately, a standard order of these noodles is full of refined carbs and fat and will usually run you over 1,000 calories.  Yes, seriously! This version has just as much flavour and is... READ MORE
Konjac Recipes: Spaghetti Squash Carbonara
Spaghetti Squash Carbonara
Carbonara is typically a very indulgent dish, rich with eggs, bacon and cheese, and usually white pasta. Tons of calories and not much nutrition.   In this version, you still get the smokiness of the bacon and creaminess of the egg and cheese, but carbs... READ MORE
Konjac Recipes - Green Curry Noodles
Green Curry Noodles
Green curry at a Thai restaurant is irresistible, but devour it with an order of white rice and you may end up consuming far more carbs and calories than you need. In this version, fat and calories is lowered by getting some creaminess in the... READ MORE
Konjac Recipes - mattar masala noodles
Mattar Masala Noodles (Green Pea Curry)
This is one of my favorite Indian dishes but it can be a calorie bomb if it's full of oil and cashews. I opted to lower the fat and up the protein by using coconut milk powder and soy milk to add creaminess. You can... READ MORE
Konjac Recipes - spicy korean chicken and shirataki noodles
Spicy Korean Chicken and Shirataki Noodles
This recipe is a favorite in our house. The best part is, it's delicious. But you can eat an enormous amount for a modest amount of calories. It's also packed with protein, fibre and vitamins. If you want to keep it vegan, sub tofu or... READ MORE
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